West Island Daycare Educators

Our West Island daycare serves parents living in Dollard des Ormeaux (DDO), Pierrefonds and Roxboro but can cater to serve any parent living in Montreal and working on the West Island. At Garderie Tweetoons, our West Island daycare educators provide nurturing child care and enriched educational activities that foster our children’s autonomy and social, moral, cognitive, language, physical and motor skills.

Below is a list of nurturing activities that we teach our children:

Lessons and Activities

Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing Garderie West Island

Starting with the alphabet, reading and writing is taught through various resources such as drawing, puzzles, books and the use of flash cards. This helps your child become more familiar with the pronunciation and recognition of letters and words, cultivating a rich learning environment through reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Pierrefonds Daycare Mathematics

Basic mathematics is introduced to your child, developing their concentration and logic skills. Our children learn the basics of adding, subtracting, matching, classifying, patterning and sorting. Various activities are incorporated starting with learning numbers and counting on their fingers and other objects.


Garderie DDO Dollard des Ormeaux

Our educators expose your child to basic science through explaining the processes of plants, animals, and the world. Stimulating their sense of imagination, children will learn how to observe, question, and form conclusions. An example includes planting seeds, observing and noting the stages of growth into plants.

Our World

Garderie West Island

Geography is taught to our children through the use of maps, books, puzzles and globes. History is learned by incorporating Canadian history and Canadian holidays. We teach our children about our world, acknowledging and valuing different cultural heritages, as well as respecting its diverse people and environments.


Camp de Jour Garderie

Our children learn how to express themselves through singing and playing musical instruments. Our music lessons teach them simple songs, reinforcing memory and familiarity. Examples include group sing-alongs and tambourine lessons.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts help children with the development of their creativity. We encourage our children to paint, draw, trace, colour, and create things through arts and crafts. This empowers them to express their unique inner artistic selves.

Physical Education

Physical Education

Various forms of physical activities are incorporated daily into our programs such as yoga, karate, dance, and soccer. Outdoor activities in our playground as well as visits to our local parks are also incorporated into our itinerary, weather-permitting. Our physical activities help develop their motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Other Activities

Other Activities

Other activities include circle time which helps build social skills through interaction. We encourage our children to participate and share their stories with other classmates in our group circle, promoting self-expression, self-confidence, and active listening.

Special Activities and Field Trips

Educational outings: Biodome, Children’s Museum, Arboretum, Fire Department, and more 
Seasonal Outings: Apple Picking, Sugaring off, Waterpark and more

Special Guests and Entertainment: Visits from local clowns, police officers, dance instructors, magicians, and more

*Additional charges may apply for some of these activities.


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