Preschool Program

Preschool Daycare

Roxboro Daycare

Our preschool program concentrates on developing your child’s thinking processes and learning and problem solving skills.

We implement fun learning activities that engage the child and raise his or her recognition of shapes, colors, numbers, letters and small words. They start learning how to read and write letters and words, identify and draw shapes, learn about the seasons, the calendar (days, months, year, etc.), and the world.

Our educators help each child develop their creativity through various activities such as arts and crafts (how to cut, paint, glue, draw and trace), cooking in class (pizza from scratch, etc.) and a variety of musical and dance activities.

Our preschool children participate in mini-science projects (seed to seedling, making secondary colors by mixing primary colors, recycling, etc.) and our in house and external visits (Biodome, Firestation, farm visit, etc.) that help them develop an appreciation of our environment and the world at large.

Our physical and outdoor activities help them develop their motor skills, coordination and balance.

We integrate these interactive group and individual activities daily for a healthy body and mind. Through games and these daily activities, they learn how to share, follow rules and problem solve.

The preschool curriculum will give your child the confidence and academic skills to become lifelong learners and will prepare your child socially and emotionally for kindergarten.


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