Physical Education Soccer

Physical activity is an important part of our daily activities, we teach them the basics of soccer.

Learning the Alphabets

Children learn the alphabets and pronunciation of letters and words.

Music Lessons

Children learn about different musical instruments and how to play them starting from the basics.

Summer Outdoor Activities

Children love the outdoors, we encourage playtime in our outdoor playground regularly.

Cooking and Baking

Our students learn the basics of cooking and baking and turn it into something fun!

Yoga Activities

We teach simple yoga and they seem to have a lot of fun during the lessons.

Bean to Plant Science Project

We educated our daycare children simple basic science such as how beans beans turn into plants.

Winter Outdoor Activities

Winter outdoor activities with the kids making snow angels and playing king of the hill!

Infant Activities

Here are photos of some of our infant activities we do on a daily basis.

Preschool Activities

Our preschool educational activities are more focused on thinking and problem solving.